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Album Review

Reflections, jGeens’ sophomore album, is named after the introspective state of mind jGeens had while writing this album.  Despite lacking lyrics, he hopes that each song evokes similar emotions from his audience.  The opening track, “Solace”, sets a somber tone for the album right off the bat before a quick change in tone brought forth by “Heart of Stone”.

From there, “Loneliness Calls” returns listeners to a downtrodden mood, containing alternating sections of both clean and distorted guitars before the hard-hitting solo.  Finally, the album closes out with a stark change of moods thanks to the energetic and synth-filled “Long Way Home”.  Sharp-eared listeners may recognize the outro, which pays homage to the opening track and provides closure for the album.

In keeping with the tradition first started with Against All Odds, the songs on Reflections appear in the order that they were written.  Rather than rearrange them to try and find the perfect flow, jGeens believes the order of the songs provides insight into his journey, both musically and personally.

Whether you’re into slower songs, harder rock, or you just like music, jGeens hopes that you’ll find a song or two (or ten) that you can enjoy.  The album is now available on all major music stores and streaming platforms, and jGeens encourages comments and feedback through any and all channels.

Album Review


jGeens is a solo instrumental project by a Minneapolis musician that loves all things rock.  He has always enjoyed music, but it wasn’t until high school that he actually picked up an instrument (unless you count the recorder, which he rocked back in elementary school).  Much to the chagrin of his family, his first instrument of choice was a drum set.  To his parents, siblings, and neighbors:  he apologizes.

He grew up (attempting to) drum tracks from bands such as Demon Hunter, Disturbed, Five Finger Death Punch, Ill Niño, Linkin Park, Red, Skillet, and Three Days Grace.  Those same bands shaped his musical tastes as he grew up.  He moved to Minneapolis in 2012 and unfortunately had to leave his drum set at home because, well, apartments don’t lend themselves to loud noises.  Enter the guitar.

It wasn’t until he purchased his first guitar (a super-fancy Gibson Maestro for those who are wondering) that he decided he wanted to start creating his own songs.  He ended up purchasing an electronic drum set to allow him to record in his apartment, and then wrote his first song (“The Beginning”) in 2014.  He proceeded to write, record, and mix the songs for his debut album (Against All Odds) over the following years.

So, here we are!  jGeens has released two albums out into the world, and he hopes that his audience enjoys listening to his music as much as he enjoyed creating it.  He encourages feedback and comments, so feel free to tweet him, leave a comment on YouTube or Facebook, or send him a message on SoundCloud or ReverbNation!



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